Sleep Hygiene

Staying up until 4am on election night, knowing full well I had to be up at 7am might have made me a witness to history, but it also through off my internal clock.

When I began using teas to help me sleep, they were not lone solutions. I also forced myself to wake up at the same time every day and to turn off any screen hours before bed. Blue screens (on TV, phones, or tablets) have an uncanny ability to keep your mind running even when you are tired….

Sleep hygiene important as it is, is a word I hate. Every time I have brought up my sleep issues with someone in the medical profession, usually the first question I get is about sleep hygiene. I mean seriously, you don’t think I researched all that already on one of those nights I spent the whole night staring at the clock. Relying on sleep hygiene can be so disheartening, because it requires a lot of discipline, but it also requires us to have the time/balance in our lives to enact it. Sometimes life just doesn’t line up in such an easy way.

For all the folks drinking Coyotea, I hope you can find a way to incorporate good sleep hygiene as well (I am happy to post more information on sleep hygiene if folks want).


What’s your opinion on sleep hygiene…feel free to comment below