Can lavender really help you sleep?


Since ancient times, lavender has been used for a variety of different purposes. The Greeks and Romans used lavender to perfume their bathwater. Ancient Egyptians used it in the mummification process. Lavender was used to protect against infection during the bubonic plague. Today, lavender is used in many different bath and body products, often with the claim that it will relax you and help you sleep. But does it really work? Can the scent of this plant really lead to a better night’s sleep?

Several different studies have tackled this question.  One study of 79 college students who reported sleep issues found that the group who wore a patch of lavender essential oil had better sleep quality and felt more refreshed in the morning than the control group. Another study at Wesleyan University found that participants who smelled lavender before bed had more slow wave sleep and felt better in the morning.  A British study sprinkled lavender on the sheets of participants. Compared to a control group, the lavender group fell asleep more easily and felt their sleep quality was better. This research suggests that lavender may really improve sleep. So bring on the lavender body wash, candles and lotions, and sleep better tonight!

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