Coyotea in the Media

Coyotea has been fortunate to receive some coverage in the media- here are a few articles that have been written about us!


dc inno

Meet the Local Organic Tea Company Trying to Help D.C.'s Veterans

Like most veterans trying to transition back into civilian life, Christian Hyland found himself having trouble sleeping after he returned from a five-year-stint in the Army.
A fan of herbal tea, he’d experiment with different brews to help himself fall asleep. He developed a concoction that did the trick — valerian root, lavender, hops, lemon balm, passionflower, chamomile, and his personal favorite, California poppy — and spent last summer cold-brewing it himself, in his kitchen.

Spoon University

This Tea's Natural Ingredients Help You Fall Asleep Without Feeling Groggy Later

Let's be real, we have all taken some form of sleep aid when we're having a hard time falling asleep. Melatonin, NyQuil, Benadryl, you name it—college students will do anything to get some shut eye when our mind is racing. However, after taking synthetic sleep aids, I always feel groggy in the morning, almost as if I didn't sleep at all.
But have no fear, there's a new natural, organic tea that helps promote sleep and let me tell you, it works. 

Natural Awakenings

Locally Produced Sleep-Aid Tea Now Available

Christian Hyland was having trouble sleeping upon his return home from two deployments to Afghanistan. Over-the-counter sleep aids only made him feel groggy and restless in the morning after, making it difficult to work. From this experience, Coyotea, a natural, organic tea that helps promote sleep, was born and now is available throughout the greater D.C. area.


This Tea's Natural Ingredients Help You Fall Asleep Without Feeling Groggy Later

As someone who has used melatonin as a sleeping aid, I'm happy to have found a more natural sleep aid that works just as well, if not better. After drinking Coyotea (and one bottle is all you need), I had such a peaceful and restful night's sleep.